Here is a list of people associated with Noetherian Ring and their research interests.

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  • Carolyn Abbott, Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley: Geometric group theory, low dimensional topology
  • Mina Aganagic, Professor: mathematical physics and string theory
  • Jenny Harrison, Professor: functional analysis, geometric measure theory, calculus of variations, mathematical physics
  • Marina Iliopoulou, Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor: harmonic analysis, incidence geometry, geometric measure theory
  • Kathryn Mann, NSF Postdoc: topology, geometry, and dynamics
  • Khrystyna Serhiyenko, NSF Postdoc: representation theory, cluster algebras, combinatorics
  • Zvezdelina Stankova, Teaching Professor: Olympiad problem solving, Berkeley Math Circle, math education
  • Kelli Talaska, Lecturer: algebraic combinatorics
  • Katrin Wehrheim, Professor: gauge theory, symplectic geometry, low dimensional topology, and PDEs
  • Lauren Williams, Professor: algebraic combinatorics
  • Xuwen Zhu, Postdoc: Geometric analysis, microlocal analysis, partial differential equations
  • Sylvie Corteel, Visiting Miller Professor: Combinatorics
  • Ellen Veomett, Affiliate Professor from Saint Mary’s College of California: Geometry of redistricting, discrete geometry, combinatorics
  • Sunčica Čanić, Professor: Compressible flow, hemodynamics

Affiliate Faculty

    • María Angélica Cueto (PhD ’10 at UC Berkeley, Assistant Professor ’15-present at The Ohio State University): tropical geometry, algebraic geometry and combinatorics
  • Kay Kirkpatrick (Visiting Professor at MSRI Fall 2015 , Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): statistical mechanics, nonlinear differential equations, and dynamical systems
  • Wei Li (Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley 2014-15, Assistant Professor at the Chinese Academy of Science): differential algebra and difference algebra
  • Monica Vazirani (PhD ’99 and NSF Postdoc ’00-’02 at UC Berkeley, Professor at UC Davis): combinatorial representation theory, Hecke algebras
  • Carol Wood (Deputy Director of MSRI ’96-’97, Professor of Mathematics Emerita at Wesleyan University): mathematical logic
  • Samantha Xu (Visiting faculty at MSRI Fall 2015, Postdoc at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): probability, nonlinear PDEs, and statistical mechanics

Graduate students

Alumni and what they’re doing now

2017 graduate

  • Anastasia Chavez: enumerative and algebraic combinatorics
  • Eugenia Kim: applied mathematics, numerical analysis, numerical micromagnetics.  Postdoctoral Researcher at New York University
  • Eugenia Rosu: number theory. Postdoc at University of Arizona
  • Qiao Zhou: geometric representation theory, geometric combinatorics

2016 graduates

  • Yael Degany: field theories that factor through the symplectic category, Lie groups and representation theory.
  • Meire Fortunato: high-order numerical methods, high-order curved unstructured mesh generation, machine learning. Research Scientist at Google DeepMind.
  • Maria Gillespie: symmetric function theory and its connections with geometry and representation theory. Postdoc at UC Davis.
  • Anna Lieb: fluid mechanics, numerical methods, optimization, and applications. Data scientist at McKinsey in Chicago (current).
  • Olya Mandelshtam: algebraic combinatorics. President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA (2016), Tamarkin Assistant Professor at Brown (2017–).
  • Elina Robeva: algebraic geometry, optimization, machine learning, and the interplay between these fields. Postdoc at MIT.

2015 graduates

    • Xin Jin: symplectic geometry, geometric representation theory. Postdoc at Northwestern University.
  • Heather Lee: symplectic geometry. Postdoc at Purdue University.

2014 graduates

  • Taryn Flock: harmonic analysis. Postdoc at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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